Thursday, May 30, 2013


For making an e-mail hacking page or id you have to write an html script like this :-

mail( )


$to='';                          ("your website")

$subject='the subject';

$message='hello' ;                                  ("or anything you want to write" )



'x-mailer:php/'.phversion( );



    Now you can create a web page for hacking an email address or for sending fake mails to persons.
    There is an another way to register a single e-mail id many times :-
    An email id does not recognize these symbols or it does not use them but  for registration it isacted
    as a new email address with "." (dot) or you can use many symbols but i think ' . ' (dot) symbol is more
    preferred so enjoy email spamming.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Postback and Autopostback in

ispostback=true -page is being loaded in response to a client postback.
ispostback=false -the page is loaded for the first time.

A postback is initiated by the browser, and reloads the whole page, usually when a control on the page (e.g. a button) is changed.
With some controls (e.g. Checkboxes), you choose if changing the control should result in a postback. This property is called AutoPostback.
A callback is initiated by java script in the page, and can load/update parts of the page, e.g. by manipulating the DOM


AutopostBack posts the page to the server automatically whenever some changes is done in that controls data. Like Textbox text is changed it is automatically posted to server.
Dropdownlist selected value changed.

IsPostBack is used to check page is loaded for the first time or is reloaded. eg:
if page is loaded for first time we enter the value in dropdownlist from database. If the page is reloaded we are not going to enter that value again. So we check for
IsPostBack condition

what is formatted output in

Here Response.Write():to display only string and you can not display any other data type values like int,date,etc.Conversion(from one data type to another) is not allowed.
 whereas Response .Output .Write(): you can display any type of data like int, date ,string etc.,by giving index values.
Sample code:
protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
 Response.Write ("hi good morning!"+"is it right?");//only strings are allowed        
 Response.Write("Scott is {0} at {1:d}", "cool", DateTime.Now);//this will give 
       //error(conversion is not allowed)
 Response.Output.Write("\nhi goood morning!");//works fine
 Response.Output.Write("Jai is {0} on {1:d}", "cool", DateTime.Now);//here the
       // current date will be converted into string and displayed

difference between Server.Redirect and Response.Redirect?

server.transfer:- there is no round trip .it is directly go to the server but
response.redirect :-In response.redirect round trip is there .

roundtrip means :- request and response (the complete cycle is called round trip )

what is response.redirect in

Ans:A web page sometimes changes locations. It is important to redirect the old address to the new one. This makes links pointing to the old address still work


Sample code: 

<asp:Button ID="btn" runat="Server" Text="SUBMIT"/>protected void btnNewEntry_Click(object sender, EventArgs e){

What is server software and what does it do?

Server Software is used by web developers mainly. It's software that allows web developers to add more web pages to their websites with ease; without the software it would be a pain trying to add another web page to an already made website. The software works through a process known as FTP (file transfer protocol) this process uploads web pages directly onto a website without any hassle

know your browse name and verson using asp pg

ASP.CS code
protected void page-load(---)
   HttpBrowsercapabilites b=Request.Browser;
  DateTime dt=( Response.Requestcontent.Httpcontext).Timestamp;

Node:  Remember u must write a text box and a button for getting outpu

how browser know which button you submit?


In side the HTML code ,there is a file called "Event handler"